On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves What I liked:The story – as simple as that. Although the premise made me think immediately of the Cast Away movie with Tom Hanks (so it was hardly original), I became so curious about the future of both protagonists that I kept reading until the very end. The plot was thought out in a really good way and, to my delight, it didn’t finish with the rescue, which I kind of expected. The pace of narration doesn’t slow down for a moment – I literally swallowed the book in two evenings. The author tells her story using alternatively two POVs: that of Anna and T.J. She isn’t shunning difficult topics like age disparity or hormonal turmoil of a teenager becoming an adult.The best part was the changing relationship between Anna and T.J. It was described in a very realistic, mature way and still the author managed to end the book with a HEA. Both characters were presented with their flaws and advantages; they never acted strangely (read: in a stupid way) and their reactions were logical. What I didn’t like:First of all it is clearly a debut novel and it is felt. The style could have been more polished Some dialogs seemed a bit wooden. The characters overused their Christian names too much, sometimes stating obvious things over and over again..I didn’t appreciate jumps in the narration timeline either (like: three years later or two years later, I hate those); in fact it was perhaps the very feature that disturbed me the most. I suppose the book would be far better without them, even if it was a bit longer/ more complicated.Final verdict;A good story but rather shabbily told. If you like romance novels you might appreciate it better than me.I would give it three and half stars but, as it is impossible on GR, let it have four. I am feeling generous ;p