The Prince

The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz It will be an unusual review. If you want to read a real, serious, adult, more or less intelligent critique and know what I roughly think about The Original Sinners books penned by Ms. Reisz, please go to my review of the Angel or The Siren. I feel I told everything I had to tell while writing those two. Now time for some reviewer's fun.I started the book in the appropriate mood, knowing already what I was going to find. Still, as I got it from NetGalley free of charge I felt obliged to read it despite my lack of enthusiasm:Ok, we get some flashbacks in which the author tells us about Soren and Kingsley's mutual infatuation at that very Catholic school of theirs. It still was the best thread of this story, honestly. But as soon as we returned to "the present" my mood changed dramatically:When Nora went to Kentucky with Wes, who happened to be a rich, handsome, sweet Prince, no longer just a poor college kid with type 1 diabetes my disgust increased :Couldn't at least one character in this series be actually poor?Then there was the whole long process of Wesley losing his virginity - yes, he forgot about his faith and moral principles because clearly they never concerned the divine Nora Sutherlin. Acting out of character and going with her to er...more or less bed was roughly as sexy as this beauty:Then we got that mystery thread (who wants to attack Soren, Nora, Kingsley and destroy their little BDSM kingdom? Who DARES?) which was TRANSPARENT from the very beginning to anybody with 1 brain cell in working order.Really, that obvious.And finaly the big love between Nora and Wes despite their huge differences in practically anything and the big fat love between Soren and Kingsley despite the fact that Soren is a sadist and Kingsley is...well...French *groan*. How come nobody saw anything coming their way? I would comment it shortly:The writing style? It made me as nice and cozy as this guy:Will I continue reading (there is the last part coming and this one ends with a cliffhanger)? No.Overall:Thank you very much for your kind attention. Have a nice day.