Brightwing - Sullivan Lee What I liked: Honestly it is the best self-published book I’ve had the pleasure to read so far. I loved it so much I might start waffling so, in order to be coherent and fair, let me list its charms as bullet points: The trio of main characters. I loved them all. They are neither very noble nor very bad but very very real. Lucy, the creative, bold thief and a kind of native American princess, was simply charming – a strong woman but so contemporary in her methods and so universal in her pursuit of happiness. And she can share! Edgar, a bittersweet racketeer and a thief like Lucy, but far less successful in his career, is a guy who can win your heart, especially when you find out how he’s been burdened taking care of his sociopath brother, Mallory. The narration. It was done very skillfully. You know a well-written book when you are riveted to it from the first to the last page, unwilling to stop at any moment, returning when you only can. This novel was such an experience.The ending. A HEA but one of these which leaves you satisfied and yearning for more at the same time. I wouldn’t mind the continuation, not at all, although you don't get any ugly cliffhangers.The romantic thread. It was done exceedingly well and with a sense of humour. It worked for me, especially the last bits about sharing and er...learning from experience- I won't say more in order not to spoil! The real life portraits of police officers and native Americans - no saccharin, plenty of grit! The Native American myths of Tequesta were not only an interesting addition but also interesting stories on their own. If they are real – fine. If they are fabricated it was done exceedingly well. The Everglades and Florida. Both described in such a way I am already planning a visit. On GoogleEarth of course – I hate mosquitoes and they love my blood ;) What I didn’t like: I haven’t figured it yet. I suppose I must reread but it will take more time. Yeah, this is I suppose a real drawback - instead of working I read.The cover is just so-so. The novel definitely deserves something better.Final verdict: A great novel, Ms Lee. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to read and review it! I did enjoy it exceedingly!