Blue Diablo (Corine Solomon Series #1)

Blue Diablo - Ann Aguirre What I liked:The main heroine, Corine Solomon, is a very likeable girl - she has an unusual gift, wears grunge, hippie clothes, can run a business on a shoestring budget and never gives up, no matter what. She has also some flaws J I love flawed heroines. The book is told from her POV.The book is set in Mexico and then on the US- Mexican border which I found rather exotic.The pace of narration was quick enough to keep me interestedThe fact that Corine deals with an ex, not a prospective or current boyfriend, I found rather originalHer ex, Chance was really portrayed in an intriguing way – he is Korean (ok, perhaps half Korean, we aren’t told much about his dad) and he is literally very lucky but his gift is presented from all possible angles – bad and good as well.Tex-Mex food…yummy! I love it! I was hungry almost all the time! Other necessities of life are presented in a very balanced way - we know the characters, being humans, have to bathe, change clothes, buy petrol and do the washing-up but we are not given any boring shopping lists or other step-by-step descriptions of daily routines. Well-done!What I didn’t like:The main baddie, a certain ugly warlock…we are shown too little too late and his motivations are never fully exposed. Pity.The ‘magick’ in this book; I found it rather to be an unnecessary complication than an additional bonus – as if Mexico with its culture, food, coyotes and narcotrafficantes wasn’t enough.The plot was a bit predictable – I was able to decipher the identity of said bad warlock somewhere in the middle of the book without any problem and of course it was obvious how the book would end from the very beginning.I didn’t like the romance a lot in this one, especially the fact that the authoress ALMOST decided to use a love triangle scheme. ALMOST. Fortunately she checked herself just in time to make book palatable to me.A talking, intelligent chihuaua? One bark means yes, two barks mean me a favour (sigh). Legal Blonde, somebody has stolen your dog!Final verdict:If you like stories which can make you shiver even in the middle of a hot summer day this one is for you. It has zombies, witches, magic, a nice heroine, some romance. Just don’t expect a very original or very surprising plot which makes you think. HEA guaranteed, though and don’t forget to prepare some food beforehand - you might get hungry and thirsty!The cover is meh. Definitely meh.