Dark is the Night: Dark Justice Book One

Dark is the Night - Brindle Chase What I liked:An erotic romance....right...it was definitely a position outside my comfort zone but I've read a lovely review of Lis and decided to give the book a try. As curious as a cat, you know. If I wanted to be nasty (completely out of my character of course) I would say this book is a kind of “Twilight” for adults. By and large we are dealing here with a similar premise: a very handsome vampire predator all of a sudden finds his true love (or soul mate or whatever you call it) in a shape of a mortal woman and she is only too eager to join him but…he hesitates. However, that comparison would be rather unkind because this novel was simply darker and better. Alexander is one old vamp who could break such a whimpering idiot as Edward in two and then floss his teeth with all those sparkles left on the floor. Already the opening scene shows him hunting and killing two people; we know at once it is not a nice, goody-goody bloodsucking ‘vegetarian’ killing off the last wildlife specimens and being proud of it. His detachment is kind of scary and his reasoning behind the kills – chillingly flawless.I also rather liked Catherine –she is a smart, confident and successful woman; she works in a male dominated profession but knows how to deal with her colleagues and criminals as well. When she meets Alexander their passion is explosive and all of a sudden nothing else matters (Metallica anyone?), not even the moral standards or Katherine's job - after all, you can find another position but what are your chances of meeting another love of your life any time soon? I still appreciated the fact that, despite being a bit mentally challenged every now and then (or, to put it boldly, falling into a mating haze as soon as Alexander is in the proximity) she was completely aware that her moral structure is breaking down like thin ice beneath a careless skater She mentions it several times and here you have one quote:"And then it hit me again. I was standing there naked with a gorgeous but homicidal vampire, plotting to cover up his crimes. My crimes. We’re not talking about misdemeanors here, these were hard core felonies. Murder, tampering with federal evidence and hacking the FBI. Jesus Christ what had become of my life that it all made sense, perfect sense?"I appreciated also the fact that Katherine, like any intelligent woman, guessed who and what Alexander is just after one display of his superhuman strength and agility; afterwards she wasn't shy to ask and he had enough reason to tell her the truth. I am sick and tired of characters, be them male or female, who are described as intelligent and then behave like complete morons - e.g. it takes them almost half of a book to solve a "mystery" the average reader is able to work out after one page.What’s more? It is a first person narration as we are presented both sides of the story (Alexander’s and Katherine’s) simultaneously. It is not my favourite type of narration but it didn’t bother me here.Finally it did make for a highly erotic read. It is basically one of these novels which might help you reduce your carbon footprint significantly – take it to your bathroom, turn cold water on, start reading and all of a sudden your shower is hot and all the room- steamy!What I didn’t like:If you cook you know how important it is to be careful with the right dosage of sugar. Too much and your dish is ruined; without it, though, it would be bland. The excess of sugar is also my main complaint when it comes to erotica books – too many sex scenes, obscuring the plot or sometimes even substituting it entirely (the last case makes a book DNF instantly, I hate plotless books) are really not my piece of cake. Do not look for a lot of complex world build up or psychologically viable background because more often than not you will be disappointed.Accordingly I must admit I would like this novel far better if there were more psychology and action (outside bed that is). It wasn’t bad but it could have been better. I suppose it’s, by and large, a matter of your reading preferences. After all it would be stupid to buy a hairdryer and then criticize it for not having all the functions of your mobile phone... I don't know why but somehow this position made me very domestically inclined. ;-).The cover is misleading and rather bland. I think the character of this book is not reflected in it. I also was able to find some grammar mistakes - the editor could have been a tad more thorough.Final verdict:If you like your paranormal romance very steamy you will enjoy this one – it was an entertaining read although a bit dark and bloody. Definitely not “Twilight” anyway!